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Rebirth of Slick

It happened. Robots have taken over the College Comedy Resource.

Back in 2002 a group of humans started the IMPLOSION College Improv Network. That network of over 40 college comedy teams were featured at the Dirty South Improv Festival (University of North Carolina- Chapel Hill), the IMPLOSION College Comedy Festival as part of the Chicago Improv Festival (Loyola University- Chicago) and the Roaming IMPLOSION College Comedy Festival (Clemson University). Building that network and compiling the resources to support these college teams took a lot of human time. Now Robots Are Funny steps up.

Check Robots Are Funny for posts about longform and shortform improv, sketch and standup comedy. Our staff of comedy robots can help your teams with issues ranging from structured rehearsals/workshops and managing group member expectations to how to get funding from student government and writing constitutions.


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